I have never denied my creative passion or my inner witch. So, with Meminabox watching over us, I continue on the journey of transformation, bringing my vision of my best creative life with me.

The journeys I have been on over the last 30 years, the plans, the wants, the what ifs, the trials and errors…the culmination of a crafty witch…the desire to brew up something new that cohesively intermingles all the creative passions of my life and hope the outside world finds appreciation and enjoyment in my passion to create.

I read once that the best way to explain a creative mind is to image 500+ browser windows open at the same time. That about sums it up! So don’t be surprised if you see something obscure or seemingly out of place. I have a lot of things on the drawing board, get bored easily and jump around projects to make my soul happy.

While the majority of products on this site our made by in-house, I’ve partnered with some great artisans over the years who have amazing pieces I had to share. I have also built strong and long lasting relationships with local printing and promotion companies to accommodate larger/special stock orders.

If you are still reading, thank you for your interest! I hope you find something from WWP to make your soul happy too!