Go Smudge Yourself! Palo Santo Sticks

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For centuries cultures have turned to the gifts of nature to help heal us emotionally, physically & spiritually. Whether using a smudge wand for an elaborate ritual or just for a weekly cleaning, smudging yourself, your sacred space or a special object helps to raise the vibration and cleanse any negative energies that over time can create illness, anger, anxiety or instability.

When you do a smudging of a person, place or thing,do so with the highest positive intent. As you clear away the negative energy with the smoke. fill the void with love & light. Once the wand tip is fully lit, allow the smoke to drift to all corners & areas of the person, place or object, by tracing the out-line. Visualize the smoke "washing" away any low vibrations. Give thanks for the refreshed energy that welcomes prosperity.

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