Thanks for stopping by to see what we’re about!  Wicked Witch Productions is a promotional design company specializing in small business marketing/brand building through social media and traditional means, teaching our customers how to continue building on what we started.

With over 30 years of experience, Wicked Witch Productions can bring you magical solutions for all aspects of your brand and marketing package. From signs and promotional giveaways to print collateral and wearable packages to social media marketing, we can help you find the best way to make your message spellbinding (without having to kiss any frogs)!

Our specialty is small business start-up setup, branding and marketing. Let us wave our wands and help you conjure up what you need to get your business going!  There are so many out-of-the-box solutions to market any new business without breaking the bank, it just takes a little imagination and dedication to success.

Offering start-to-finish design services, Wicked Witch Productions can take your concept and create brand appropriate materials to market your company, product or idea. Need help with your marketing plan? Speak with one of our representatives to discuss your objectives and we will work with you to conjure up an enchanting plan, working with your budget and time-constraints.

Need it fast? No problem! There are literally thousands of products available with RUSH service, just ask!

Whether you need a little magic or a lot, we’re here to help.